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OSN STREAMING is the online streaming App by OSN where you can watch 10,000+ hours of exclusive series, Hollywood movies, Arabic series, kids’ shows, documentaries and more. What you will love about OSN Streaming:
  • Exclusive award-winning SERIES that are not available anywhere else
  • The Home of Disney+ Originals
  • Exclusive Home of HBO
  • The biggest blockbuster MOVIES to watch over and over again
  • Amazing kids content to keep the little ones entertained
  • ARABIC Shows & Movies to fall in love with
  • Exclusive TURKISH Series and all the latest episodes
  • A great selection of Western Lifestyle TALK-SHOWS & REALITY TV to keep you entertained
All Cablevision active 'ENTERTAINMENT' package subscribers will now benefit from a complimentary OSN STREAMING access

For more info, please call 1540.

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Cartoon Network kid's Health

In the light of the health crisis we are all facing at the moment, Cartoon Network has created a specific public service type of messaging targeting our children, warning them about viruses and how to best protect ourselves against them. In the creative way of Cartoon Network, this has been done in the form of a song that will speak directly to our kids without alarming them.

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