Sports Addict

25,000 LBP (TTC) per 30 days

120+ Channels

Sports Addict

All the sports you love, all in one place!
Get that adrenaline rushing with the SPORTS ADDICT Package featuring 120+ channels including more than 20 dedicated general and local sports channels. Never miss out on any match in any season! Watch the biggest and best live events, from Formula 1 to live Premier League and get even closer to the action with world-famous championships and tournaments around the clock, from around the world.

Main TV subscription: 25,000 LBP (TTC)  per 30 days

Secondary TV subscription
Each additional TV requires a separate receiver and is subject to an additional subscription of your choice as follows:
- Identical to Main Package: 3000 LBP (TTC)  per 30 days
- Complimentary Package (at no additional charge)

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How to Renew Your Subscription

You can now renew your Cablevision subscription in one of 3 ways:
For renewal via OMT and LIBANPOST, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Cablevision renewal page.
  • Choose the packages and subscription period for the main receiver.
  • Choose the packages and subscription period for the secondary receivers, if any.
  • Confirm the order.
  • You will receive an ORDER number. Provide this ORDER number to OMT or LIBANPOST to proceed with the renewal.
  • An extra fee of 3,000LBP will be charged for every renewal transaction at OMT and LibanPost branches.

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