Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


To maintain our unrivaled service by continuously updating our package of channels combined with a high-quality after sales services, a permanent update on our coverage, and Exclusive channels' distribution agreements.



·         Our MISSION is to ensure 24 hours of TV Entertainment to the entire family!

·         Our GOAL is to provide CABLETAINMENT on the hour!

·         Our AIM is to best serve our subscribers!



         .       Offering the best combination of channels that caters to the entire family.
  • Offering a State of the Art Picture and Sound quality to end users.
  • Guaranteeing an immediate and effective after sales service
  • Amazing subscribers with the TV entertainment they never expected available.


You are just a phone call away from offering yourself and your family the TV Entertainment you deserve with a High Definition quality!

CABLEVISION offers you the best combination of Encrypted and Free to Air channels from the available satellites among which Nile sat, Hotbird, Arab Sat, Astra, etc… 1 small dish of 40cm connected to a receiver and Cablevision smart card will offer you more than 150 channels to entertain your entire family!

To subscribe to Cablevision, we provide and Install the following:

1.      40 cm dish

2.      LNB

3.      20 m of cables

4.      Cablevision HD Receiver

5.      Cablevision smart card

Subscribers can choose between 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription.

In short, peace of mind, absolute satisfaction, sophisticated yet user-friendly system and professional service are all within your  reachby simply making CABLEVISION your choice!


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